alia“As a Research Associate, I have had the opportunity to work on political and legal issues ripped straight from the headlines.”

Alia Mokaddem


“Being a Research Associate with the Lawyering Peace Program allows me to explore unique aspects of international law and peace and conflict resolution, while also building skills most law students don’t learn until after they graduate.”

– Mamie Aoughsten

stefan“As an RA with the Lawyering Peace Program, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into the substantive and practical issues facing opposition groups, and assist in the dynamic process leading into peace negotiations.”

– Stefan Ducich

kali“The Lawyering Peace Program provides an opportunity to gain inside foreign policy knowledge and experience with peace processes around the world.” 

– Kali Friedmann

jenniferc.jpg“The Lawyering Peace Program gave me the confidence to attend and network at downtown DC events. I think this program is a perfect bridge between life as a student and a professional career.” 

– Jennifer Clark

matthew“It is extraordinarily gratifying to know that the work my Lawyering Peace colleagues and I do will be used by clients around the world and can ultimately improve the lives of an incredibly large number of people.”

– Matthew Phifer

ayat“The Lawyering Peace Program is one of a kind, and being an RA with the program has allowed me to work first-hand on topics that I could not do anywhere else, as well as helped me learn and use skills pertinent to the fields of international law and conflict resolution.” 

– Ayat Mujais

amy“Working in the Lawyering Peace Program as a Research Associate can sometimes be quite surreal. Only with this program do you get to see the work you directly contributed to being referenced in the news.”

– Amy Yoon


Read what alumni had to say about the Lawyering Peace Program, the International Law class, and Professor Williams:

“This course is a great opportunity to be involved directly in post-conflict constitution drafting, peace negotiations, and the prosecution of war criminals. The class allows my other colleagues and I to move years ahead of our peers in terms of professional development and being involved in the practice of public international law and policy. The course effectively connects us to the center of the international law and policy world of Washington, D.C.”

“Provides an expansive and broad breadth of information about both public international law and also personal professional development.”

“The peace negotiation aspect of the course was highly engaging and well presented.”

“Very interactive. I love the writing experience I have gained. Full of real life skill-building!”

“Very helpful. I have since used many of the lessons in professional interactions.”

“This is a great practical course for learning about the process of negotiating peace agreements and ceasefires. We had discussions about current hot topics and continuing conflicts in the area of transitional justice and fostering peace. The class included weekly interactive activities which helped illustrate the topic we were discussing and reinforce negotiating techniques.”

“Great supervisor with wonderful management skills and a knowledgeable teacher.”

“Professor Williams is an amazing professor. He connects well with all of his students and shows a great amount of care for us both personally and professionally. He, more than any other professor I have met, is dedicated to our future success and doing anything he possibly can to help us be successful young professionals. I am grateful to be able to learn from him and have him as a resource both now and in the future.”

“Enthusiastic, engaging, and knowledgeable about the entire public international law field.”

“Professor Williams is clearly very knowledgeable about public international law and his insights are a wonderful asset. I really enjoy getting to hear his thoughts and to engage in conversations with him and the rest of the class.”

“Professor Williams is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this area making it fun to learn from him. He is able to break down concepts and ideas into bite sized chunks which makes topics easier to understand and engage with. He gives very thought provoking and constructive push back that makes the class think harder and dig a little deeper.”

“Professor Williams has a lot of experience in the field, and his knowledge is vast. I like that he continually emphasizes the fact that we are young professionals.”

“Great knowledge of international law and current issues!”

“Organized, helpful, challenging.”

“Professor Williams has a masterful presentation skill that gets students’ attention and his approach is friendly so that students are comfortable speaking in class. At the same time, he makes sure that he requires the highest quality of work from students.”

“Covered a breadth of topics related to professional development in the public international law field.”

“Provided insightful analyses of current events in public international law.”

“Interactive and engaging when discussing complex concepts.”

“Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.”

“Great information on how to behave in the real world of international law and international relations.”

“The activities in class vary from week to week.”

“Improved research and writing skills.”

“Interesting topics.”


“Relevant, interesting.”

“Personable, knowledgeable, approachable.”

“Useful, insightful.”

“Knowledgeable, interesting, engaging.”

“I enjoyed the interactive classes and I liked the guest speakers. The classes were great in preparing me to speak with clients and present myself as a professional.”

“Professor Williams is an engaging professor, and I never felt uncomfortable. I always felt comfortable speaking in class.”

“Very informative opportunity to get real-life experience in the field. Professor Williams was willing to share his extensive experience in the field.”

“Very relevant, high-level matters. Excellent presenter – engaged and invested in the work.”

“Great course. Professor Williams did a really good job teaching it.”

“Appreciated the meeting dynamics of the course.”

“Great class, great professor.”

“Good discussions in class and good Socratic teaching method. Professor Williams is always engaging and very enthusiastic.”

“Great opportunity to develop your professional skills. I learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses.”

“Incredible experience, very effective professor, brings a lot to the table.”

“One of the few classes actually teaching tangible skills. Definitely meets the professional development.”

“Professor Williams is experienced, convincing, and expects high achievement from students. He is a great resource for any young professional.”

“I learned a lot about being a young professional and got good tips for working with clients in a professional manner.”

“Very informative and hands-on experience. Professor has great experience in the field.”

“The emphasis on professional development is highly valuable. Substantive topics covered in the course were very practical.”

“Professor Williams is extremely knowledgeable and well experienced in topics covered in the course.”

“Each class is filled with informative insight. It’s designed in a way that keeps us fully engaged.”

“Excellent way to learn pubic international law and practice it. Great way to learn professional skills needed in DC.”

“Professor Williams is very engaging with his students, cares for his students, and helps them make connections.”

“Everything we have learned is directly applicable to our current lives. Very engaging.”

“Professor Williams always seems eager to teach us which is motivating.”

“Smart, clear, and awesome.”

“The course was interesting and hands-on. I felt like I learned a lot. Professor was organized and made class fun.”

“Thank you for this rewarding experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time.”

“Class was interesting and constructive to my learning. Professor Williams was organized and gives good feedback.”

“Great. Timely assignments and effective feedback.”

“I would like to thank you all for a great year. I was lucky enough to learn and develop under your mentoring and tutelage.”

“Very substantive material, hands-on. Professor was enthusiastic, engaged, and provided excellent mentorship and feedback.”

“Fantastic course!”

“It has been a pleasure to be in your class.”

“Great course – provides great insight into peace negotiations, ceasefires, andtransitional justice.”

“Thank you so much for a great semester!”

“It’s been such an interesting experience, from which I have learned a lot. Most important, it’s been an opportunity that I have really enjoyed.”

“Thank you for your mentorship this year. I believe that I have grown tremendously.”

“Professor Williams is phenomenal.”

“Lawyering Peace has been a wonderful experience and I learned so much from you and from the program. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me this year both inside and outside the classroom.”

“Teaches international law in a practical way.”

“It’s been a great semester. I’ve learned a ton and I’ve enjoyed myself greatly.”